This is an exciting time!

As computers, smartphones, tablets and a thousand other hi-tech devices become everyday objects, and Internet access—everywhere—becomes the norm.
Technology has the power to make your life easier, and more fun.

Make the most of it!

You may have heard the scare stories about viruses and other malware.
But you shouldn't have to worry: that's our job. We want everyone to be able to use the Internet confidently—and to make the most of the huge opportunities now opening up for all of us.

We're making technology safer, so you can really enjoy the Internet.

What does ‘Enjoy Safer Technology’ mean?

Essentially, it’s about having the freedom and confidence to use the Internet to the full.

Securely browse the Internet on your phone, laptop or tablet
Go online banking or shopping without giving it a second thought
Stay protected when connecting to public Wi-Fi
Let your kids explore the Internet without worries

Why trust ESET?


We've been doing this for more than 25 years. The beginnings of ESET technology go back to 1987, with the discovery of one of the world’s first computer viruses.


We employ over 800 people, among them some of the world's leading computer security experts. All of us are focused on making technology work for you.


We're in 180 countries, so we can give you support when you need it—and in your own language. More than 100 million users worldwide already use ESET products.

Award-winning technology

We design all our own software, and it's specifically crafted to be fast, lightweight and stable.

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